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Stainless Steel Medium Pegs - SILVER 201 Grade (30 Pack)

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No more plastic brittle, bent and broken pegs which also add to our planet's growing waste! These Bare & Co. Stainless Steel pegs are the more durable, eco-friendly, recyclable option, not to mention these wire pegs are the better alternative for your hip pocket too!

In this pack, you will get a pack of 30 - Grade 201 Stainless Steel Grade wire clothes pegs. Dimensions: 1.7mm width and 5.4cm length size are for washing in windy conditions. Can open up almost 15mm (1.5cm). These pegs are ideal for day to day washing, we don't recommend you leave these pegs outside to avoid deterioration.  

Each pack of 30 pegs comes with its own hemp, cotton drawstring bag for easy storage.

Use to hang washing instead of plastic pegs. Don't leave pegs outside to avoid deterioration. These are NOT SUITABLE if they will be left outside on the line or you live near salty conditions. Suitable for indoor hanging and if they will be collected and stored inside. 

Grade 201 Stainless Steel Grade wire