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Reusable Silicone Lids - Round (6 Pack)

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Eliminate plastic cling wrap in your home with this 6 pack of super versatile silicone lids. The uses for these lids are endless. You could use them to cover jars of dry ingredients and last nights leftovers or to keep cut up fruit and veg fresher for longer!

Made from BPA free Food Grade Silicone (non-plastic) they are an easy swap that will reduce the amount of plastic and waste in any household. Bare & Co.'s easy to use lids are also heat safe up 220 degrees Celsius, fridge safe, freezer safe and dishwasher safe. With 6 assorted sizes, you will have one to suit dishes, containers and bowls of any shape or size.

Included sizes by diameter: 

1 x Extra Small 6.5cm 

Suitable for fruit and veg like onions and lemons, or mason jars and small dressing containers 

1 x Small 9cm 

Suitable for fruit and veg like oranges or very small bowls 

1 x Medium 11cm

Suitable for fruit and veg like grapefruits and pineapples or small bowls and dishes 

1 x Large 13.5cm

Suitable for fruit and veg like melon or medium bowls 

1 x Extra Large 15.5cm

Suitable for soup bowls, small plates or smaller reusable containers 

1 x Jumbo 20cm

Suitable for large salad bowl or dinner plate

Once they reach the end of their life, send them back to The Well Store and we will ship your silicone lids to an appropriate recycling centre.