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Organic Magnesium Spray - Lift Me Up (250ml)

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Bare & Co. Organic Magnesium Oil is a 100% pure and concentrated non-greasy transdermal magnesium chloride spray. This pristine product has been sourced from the ancient Salt Lakes of Western Australia and is Certified Organic by the Biological Farmers of Australia Association (BFA), ensuring the Magnesium Chloride is pure, untampered and straight from the organic source.

Bare and Co. have delivered with their beautiful line of Magnesium and Essential Oil infused products. This Magnesium Chloride Spray has a beautiful sweet and refreshing scent.

The blend of essential oils produces a blend to pick you up with a combination of Geranium, Bergamot and Rosewood. Geranium is known to relieve stress and depression while reducing inflammation. Bergamot reduces stress and tension while Rosewood works to reduce depression while keeping the brain sharp and providing a hint of aphrodisiac.

The spray allows the easy assimilation of magnesium oil so your skin will only absorb as much as it needs. The sprays are easily massaged into the skin, the magnesium becomes directly available to the muscles that require it.

Pure topical magnesium can deliver a boost of magnesium to the muscles and joints, whilst replenishing the bodies magnesium levels. This Certified Organic product delivers magnesium through the skin more efficiently without it needing to pass through the gut, alternatively, the active ingredient gets absorbed into the bloodstream and cells, straight through the skin!

There are many benefits for the body when applying magnesium to the skin, it can help: ease muscles aches, pains & cramps, draw inflammation out of muscles and joints, boost energy, relieve headaches, ease period pain, assist sleep and is a very effective muscle relaxant.


Spray directly onto affected areas.  

For help sleeping spray on the tops of feet.

100% Australian Certified Organic Magnesium Chloride, Organic Geranium essential oil, Bergamot essential oil and Organic Rosewood essential oil