Biodegradable Packaging Bundle

Biodegradable Packaging Bundle

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Get your small business up and running with this starter pack of biodegradable packaging essentials. 

The 100% compostable mailer bags are a great sustainable packaging option. This bundle includes 3 sizes for all of your packaging needs. 

20 x Small Bag (19cm x 26cm)

20 x Medium Bag (22cm x 34cm)

20 x Large Bag (26.5cm x 38cm)

It also includes 10 rolls of premium eco-friendly kraft paper. This paper tape is thick and durable,  great for shipping and packing boxes. It is extra sticky to keep your boxes closed during transit.


  • 20 x Small Bags
  • 20 x Medium Bags
  • 20 x Large Bags
  • 10 x Paper Tape