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Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder (30g)

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Bare & Co. have created this natural Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder from 100% pure and natural ingredients. The beauty of this black odourless and tasteless powder is that it will help to polish, whiten and brighten your teeth without any of the harsh chemicals that other commercial toxic teeth whitener products can do! It also helps to strengthen gums, remove toxins from your mouth and aid in the absorption of heavy metals whilst binding to and removing stubborn stains including like plaque, wine and coffee.

Crafted from natural ingredients; Activated Coconut Shell, Bentonite Clay which can help to remineralise your teeth and draw out toxins combined with Orange Peel and Mint extract. 

Activated Coconut promotes good oral health as it can change the pH in the mouth, helping to reduce things that cause cavities, gum disease and bad breath.
Brushing with activated charcoal can:

  • Reduce inflammation and oral infection
  • Deodorise
  • Prevent Bad Breath
  • Remove Plaque
  • Help Prevent Harmful Bacteria Growth

Packaging is recyclable.